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Tours to Chernobyl

Special offer Ukraine
Tours to Chernobyl

If you are planning to visit Ukraine or have already arrived to the country, do not miss the most important and unique experience - visiting Chernobyl. This is an unique ecological and extreme tour!

The event, which got name "the Chernobyl Disaster”, has changed the trajectory of our civilization's development. The Chernobyl Zone, with the nuclear power plant (NPP), which doesn’t produce energy anymore but instead paradoxically consumes it, and an abandoned ghost town of Pripyat, – like a time machine, let you see the events in the past and realize how history and nature work. The intricate ensemble of hundreds of impressive technical and cultural monuments is surrounded and engulfed by flourishing nature, which has gone wild in this area.

During 1-day tour you will see:

- a field camp of the 25th brigade of the radiation chemical and bacteriological protection;
- Dytyatky checkpoint, an official entrance to the Exclusion zone;
- the village of Zalissya with abandoned houses and barns, a shop and the only self-settler Rozaliya Ivanivna;
- a bypass road to the NPP around the town of Chernobyl, built a month after the accident to facilitate the traffic of military vehicles;
- an almost fully buried village of Kopachi with a remaining kindergarten;
- a concrete-reloading unit, essential for the Sarcophagus erection in 1986;
- a decontaminated Red Forest at place of the first and worst radioactive fall-out;
- the town of Pripyat populated by 50 thousand people before the evacuation:
the hospital receiving the firefighters and NPP workers, badly affected by the accident;
a river port and the most prestigious Pripyat café at the embankment; a town hall – the first headquarters for mitigation of the accident consequences;
Polissya hotel, a correction point for helicopters dropping lead bags over the 4th reactor ruins;
Energetic Palace of culture, the main recreational site for the Prypyat youth;
Ferris wheel in the amusement park which was never open;
a fire station, the crew were the second to extinguish fire at the NPP at night of the disaster on April 26, 1986;

- Chernobyl NPP:
- the Sarcophagus and the New Safe Confinement ("Arch") – an observation point at a 300 m distance;
- a fire station at the NPP, the crew arrived the first to extinguish fire at the NPP after explosion,
- memorial "Life for Life” in front of the administrative building, there used to be an enormous parking lot in 1986, thousands of people arrived there daily for NPP decontamination, the Sarcophagus construction, etc.;

- a NPP cooling pond (feeding giant catfish – depending on the season);
- cooling towers of the Chernobyl NPP 3rd generation;
- the secret soviet object Chernobyl-2 (radar "DUGA-1"). Giant radar antenna "DUGA-1", secret town of Chernobyl-2 which provided the efficiency of antennas and horizon tracking of the launching of ballistic missiles.
- the town of Chernobyl:
- the world’s best memorial "To Those who Saved the World’;
- an open-air exhibition of transport vehicles and robots used in 1986-clean up activities;
- ecologically-clean dinner in a Chernobyl state canteen for the Exclusion zone workers (vegetarian meal available upon request).


The Chernobyl Tour includes:
permition for entrance to the Chernobyl zone;
meetings arrangement;
transport services;
guide services;

According to the current requirements of the Exclusion Zone administration, a formal booking application has to be submitted in advance. Since this is a strictly regulated operation, a fairly limited number of individuals can visit Chernobyl and Pripyat on a given day. Make sure to plan/book your trip well in advance and contact us as soon as you possibly can.

If you decide to go on the Chernobyl trip, please, send us the following information:
Full name as it appears in your passport
Passport number
Date of birth
Preferred travel date
Contact phone number


Important information:

Attention! No passport - No Trip !!!
Please, do not wear sandals, shorts, tank tops. We recommend you to wear clothes that cover your body as much as possible in order to protect your body from radiation.
We suggest to bring some bottled water with you.
Taking pictures and video is allowed almost everywhere (except check points, security devices and certain areas specified by your guide)
For the time of the tour, personal dosimeters are allowed. 

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Ecological and extreme tour

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